Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We fear rain!

It is way past 5.00 pm and most of the office desks are still operational.On a normal day computers are shut down as the clock ticks to 5.00 pm but today its different. Interestingly enough everyone keeps looking out the window and checking out the wall clock that is gaining momentum by the second. It is not the hot tea being served that is keeping people in the office. It is just water falling from the skies and some people call it "A blessing from God."

Rain is feared.It comes with its challenges and if you ask me most of us would rather be in bed than stuck in an office trying not to imagine the state of the roads! There are those who benefit from such weather conditions.

An entrepreneurial mind will rush to a whole sale shop and buy as many umbrellas as he can and immediately streets hawking the priced commodity at double the price. One is left with no choice buy to buy what there is. But the greatest winners are matatu operators! Fares will hike to an unbelievable price and they will not even hear you out when you try to negotiate. It is a 'board matatu' or 'wait for a better deal which is not going to happen soon!' situation.

There is one thing i have never comprehended.How comes traffic jams on rainy days are a nuisance in that they do not move?

We do fear rain...which is a gift from our Creator!

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